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flange mounted Motors

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Company Profile Tel:+86-576-86381108 Fax:+86-576-86388668

Product Description:

This series motors have outstanding performance, such as high efficiency, energy-saving,
high starting torque, low noise, little vibration, reliable operation, andeasy maintenance.

This series motors are widely used in places where not exists combustible, explosive
or corrosive gas, and without any special requirements, such as machine tools,pumps, fans, transport machinery, mixers, agriculture machinery, and food machines.

Protection class: IP44/IP54/IP55

Cooling type: IC0141

Insulation class: B, F, H

Operation type: S1

Rated frequency: 50Hz (60Hz)

Rated voltage: 220V, 380V, 440V

Shell material: cast iron, cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, steel

electrical motors: single phase induction motor ,centrifugal pump and etc. for sale with high quality.

Packing: carton, with case, veneer

flange mount motors----
B5 flange motors ----
Aluminum Motors ---
foot mount motor----
B14 flange motors ---
single phase motors ---
yc motors
143T motors

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